Responsible luxury

Our world is the only one we have and we want to do our best to preserve it for the next generation. Hence the project has been designed to achieve a LEED Gold rating. The entire building has been clad with high performance glazing to reduce the internal heat gains, thus decreasing the heat loads on the air-conditioning system.

What's more, there's an Intelligent Building System, that can actually sense when and which part of the building is occupied and accordingly confines the operation of air conditioning in the common areas through V.R.F multi- zone system.

Even the facade has been designed in such a way that it acts as a natural sun-shading device which in turn cuts down the thermal gain of the building. Plus, the double glass unit (DGU) of the building stops UV rays from entering your apartment thereby keeping it almost 30% cooler than other conventional buildings . We have also implemented a Gas Leak Detection system and water recycling techniques to improve efficiency of the tower.

Rainwater harvesting is the need of the hour. This just ensures that there is continuous supply of water for basic needs irrespective of the availability of the municipal source.

The Waste Water Management Plan has been developed to ensure that the discharged domestic wastewater is treated at the STP and gets reused for landscaping and flushing purpose.